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Notice/Disclaimer: The stools and stuffed animals depicted in any photo of the Emotion Play Center are not included, however, the 3 Hardcover books and all Emotion Cards are included.

(Overall Specs)

Total Height: 42.5”
Desk Height: 21”
Desk Width: 41”
Desk Depth: 22 5/8”
Wood: Maple
Card Box: Cast Acrylic
Cards: Laminated paper
Framed Mirror: 1/8” Acrylic (33” W x 19.5”H)
Weight: Under 50 lbs.

Retail Value: $4,999.99 NOW: $3,649.99 Retail Price (includes shipping)

  1. Each EPC is individually Hand Made in the USA and fully complies with Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Children’s Products requirements for ages 3+ years old (See button below: “Children’s Product Compliance”);
  2. Each EPC (Emotional Literacy Curriculum) provides important activities and play opportunities for preschoolers, which includes: The Emotion Play Center Activity Desk; 20 different emotions; 200 emotion playing cards, 3 Hardcover Emotion Activity Volumes (2 volumes have a total of 4 books) for a total of 5 books; 1 Audio Book (Meet Your Emotions); and 1 Music Album (with 10 original songs).
  3. Each EPC will be securely packaged to prevent any damage and the shipping service will have the ability to deliver to your front entrance, past your first threshold.

Each Emotion Play Center is shipped pre-assembled making it ready to use immediately.

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Children’s Product Compliance

Made in the USA

Ms. Marilyn’s Emotion Play Center

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